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Raymond Garcia Interview

Howdy and welcome to this week’s HHH blog!!

This week we are having a chat with Raymond!! Raymond is one of the awesome members in the HHS Group who shares lots of awesome memes and brings in awesome vibes. He also plays a role in the upcoming season of Hillbilly Horror House!! So here is a little Q&A with Ray and his personal paranormal story!! Get comfy, snuggle up and have a read about what happened to Ray's family.

Name: Raymond Garcia

What’s your day job?

Hydro Engineering Tech at 2 Publicly owned Dams and I'm an Instructor at local community college teaching 2 engineering classes.

Where are you based?

Moses Lake, Washington

How long have you been listening to HHS?

Since September of 2018

How did you hear about HHS?

I heard Jerry do an interview on Real Ghost Stories Online.

Do you believe in aliens?


Do you believe in ghosts?


Do you believe in Big Foot?

Not really

What’s your favourite part about HHS?

The paranormal stories.

What got you interested in the paranormal?

Personal experiences from age 3. Always

Does pineapple belong on pizza?

Only if jalapenos and baby shrimp are included.

Your personal story:

As a baby we lived in a labor camp until I was 5 yrs old when my Dad bought his first house. This small duplex had 2 bedrooms. The front door opened to a gravel road and a row of duplexes on the opposite side of the roadway. Walking into the house placed you in the dining room and kitchen area. Walking past the four chair table and you'd be in the living room. A short walk down the small hall to the left took you past the bathroom and the two bedrooms on the end of the house. When I was an infant, my grandmother had been over to visit and had laid me down to sleep in my parent's bed. She then left the house and went home. This was in the evening and it had started to get dark out.

My uncle was over and was 11 yrs old at the time. His name is Audelio but his nickname was Yayo. My mom was washing dishes, standing at the kitchen sink. She saw my uncle walk up to the front door and part the curtains to look out the window in the door. He stood there for a few seconds when my mom turned to look at him to see what he was doing.

He was dead silent, mouth agape, frozen in the spot he stood. My mom called out to him, “Yayo! What's wrong? Yayo! What are you looking at?!” My mom said she had a feeling of fear and dread come over her and she immediately thought of me asleep in the room. She dropped the plate she was washing, turned, and ran to her bedroom and flipped the light switch on.

She ran to the bed and picked me up and unwrapped me from my blankets exposing my purple skin. As the color came back to my face and I began breathing normally she turned and walked out of the room, carrying me in her arms.

As she entered the living area she came face to face with my uncle who was still standing at the door but was turned facing the hallway. She asked him what was wrong. He said, “I looked out the window and could see a person across the road walking slowly toward our house. As it got closer he got more clear and I could see he was wearing a long black robe and a black hood. I couldn't see his face. I couldn't scream or move. He got to the door and opened the screen door with a bony hand. As his hand touched the door knob to open the front door I heard the light switch flip on and he disappeared.”

6 months later my little brother was born on my birthday. We were exactly 1 year apart. 6 months after that, on Valentines Day my little brother Glenn John died in that room. My parents think it was SIDS but I'm not sure that was a term back then. Doctors or coroner said he choked to death. We had paranormal experiences there until the day we moved.

Ray as a baby with his brother and grandfather

That story gave me chills in my heart!! So incredibly spooky and just so chilling. It always hits me hard when there’s babies involved. Thank you Raymond for always contributing and being involved in the group!! We really appreciate you!! I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog and I hope you tune in for more personal stories! Y’all come back now hear!!

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