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Ouija Boards

Howdy!! And welcome to HHS blog!! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a blog and I apologise for that. The last 6 months have been flat out for me. I became an astrologer, which required a lot of study and then incorporate it into my business. I also have been focusing on my tarot business, traveling for that and I am furthering my counselling qualifications which requires more study, so it’s been busy busy busy!!

So let’s get on with this blog and talk about Ouija Boards!! Almost everyone has played with a Ouija Board (not this girl) and many people have not experienced anything with them. There are others who will not even allow them in their home (this girl) and plenty of people who claim they have had experiences where they have connected with those on the other side and plenty of people who have had horrific paranormal experiences even seeing the Devil himself. So what’s the go with Ouija Boards? Are they just a board game or really a portal to hell?

The use of boards to communicate with those on the other side of the veil have been used in ancient India, Greece, and Rome. But the earliest confirmed recording of Ouija Board use was in China since 1100AD, where a planchette was used for a form of automatic writing. It is believed entire works have been writing using this form of automatic writing, until it was forbidden in the mid 1600s. The Ouija Board was present in America but became more commonly after the Civil War, when Mediums would use these “talking boards” as a tool to help the living communicate with those who lost their lives in the war. Along with this, the Spiritualist movement of the mid 1800s meant that Ouija Boards were widely used in America in the late 1800s.

On 28 May 1890, the Ouija Board was officially patented with the board and planchette that we know today. It is said the board is named after some Egyptian hieroglyphs of good luck. There is also a theory that it’s named after a combination of the French and German words for yes.

Ok, so they just sound like a toy right? Science says that there is no spiritual or supernatural aspect to this at all. It’s just that the players are moving the planchette through subconscious muscle movements to the answer they want. So a person is moving it without realising they’re actually moving it. Sounds legit, I mean driving is an entirely subconscious activity and who actually feels their leg hit the brakes when they approach an intersection while they’re having a conversation. So it’s nothing right?

But what about those countless people who have had some very real and very horrific experiences that couldn’t have just been a subconscious muscle movement. We just need to listen to any episode of Jim Harold’s Campfire to hear a story of someone who had a bad or really bad experience with these boards. Our very own Jerry Paulley had an Ouija Board experience which he WILL NOT talk about to this day. Some church groups states it’s a harmless toy, other church groups forbid the faithful from using them. But that’s more because it’s a tool for divination, or to gain access to information that God should know and even that it can lead to demonic possession. Hollywood definitely shows it as a tool of evil which can lead to all sorts of supernatural evil entering your home and space. There has to be something to it.

In conclusion, from the knowledge I have of professional mediumship is that there is this physical realm and the spiritual realm. In order to communicate with the spirits, Mediums have to have to train to lift their vibration higher and learn to engage with certain spirits only and work with love and light. This can take years of training, which includes daily meditation, learning the rules on how to engage with the other side and have a mentor. This allows them to communicate with spirits on the other side in a healthy way. When an everyday person who had no knowledge or training, brings a board home with the intention to talk to those on the other side; they are opening themselves up to negative energies because they are not trained in mediumship, they do not know the code of conduct when it comes to engaging with the Spirits and their vibe isn’t high enough and add fear to that mix, your vibe is lower which attracts the things you don’t want to attract. I do not recommend anyone engage in any of this type of activity ever. If anyone wants to talk to spirits, it’s best to find a trained and professional Medium.

So that was a bit spooky!! I am looking forward to writing more blogs in 2020!! So get ready for it all!! Happy New Year!!

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