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Hi y’all!!

This week I thought we’d do something a bit different and talk about makeup and beauty!! Both Tracy and I see it as a bit of a hobby so I thought why not do a beauty blog.

Tracy always looks beautiful; her make up is always on point. So I had to ask her about her routine. She keeps it pretty simple and easy. (Yes she’s that gorgeous without hours of effort, I know, I’m jealous too). Her standard routine includes a shower in the mornings, followed by foundation, powder and blush. She then does her eye makeup which includes lashes and eye shadow. Her favourite brands include Covergirl, Hard Candy and other Walmart brands. Like all women, Sephora is a favourite and she does shop there on occasion. She also loves it when she finds Sephora gift cards in her Christmas present stash!!

Tracy looking fabulous as ever

Fun fact: Tracy has never had her brows done. They’re naturally that perfect!! And her favourite make up product is lip stick and she always tries to match it with her clothes. She also uses fake lashes sometimes. When really stressed out, Tracy tends to pull on her eye lashes. She says "I can't be walking around with bald headed eyes" so she wears the occasional false lashes!!

I, Natasha, have a simple, quick and easy make up routine too. My mornings include me "putting my face on" which consists of covering my sea hag dark circles and eye liner. Some days if I'm feeling a bit fancy, I'll do a light contour. If I'm going out to an event, I'll spend hours contouring, correcting and highlighting, but generally my everyday look is pretty minimal. My favourite brand is probably Tarte and Fenty Beauty & Revlon. They make the best eyeliner hands down.

Me after taking 3 hours to get dressed

So that's something a little different for this weeks blog!! Share your beauty tips & favourite brands and products with us!! Y'all come back now!!

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