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Behind The Live Show

Howdy!! In this creepy month of October, Jerry and Tracey are going above and beyond with the podcast and doing various live shows around the place. Considering they both work full time, have families, the podcast and general stuff life brings, I really admire them taking time out of their already busy schedule to do a live show and I was incredibly curious as to how they organise and bring together a show like that with other podcasters. The idea of where to do a live show is in relation to the geographic location of the Paulleys, the location of other podcasters and the area they’d like to cover. Generally Jerry and Tracey like to go to places that are a few hours away so they can just drive down and do a day trip or even stay the night. As I mentioned earlier, both have full and busy lives so time is an issue. They also don’t do the shows to make money off live appearances or ticket sales, it’s purely for fan interaction and less time spent travelling means more time with the fans.

They like to work with local podcasting friends n the area. The first ever live show they did was in Cincinnati with Rob and Nick from Brohio, Justin Rimmel from Mysterious Circumstances and Shane Waters from Out of the Shadows; all of who are either local to the area or live within a few hours of there. It was done as a fun hang out with other podcasters and listeners; as well to bring exposure and new listeners to the other shows. It was a great way of introducing the others to the BOMPOD media branding and for networking. They then did a live event with Mike Brown from Pleasing Terrors, who was the one who introduced Jerry to the idea and and together brain stormed to come up with ways to do live events. They also had Diane Student from History Goes Bump and the event was super fun and creepy as it was held in Waverley Hills Sanatorium. The topics they choose for the live show all depend on the location the show will be held at. Jerry and Tracey try to focus on topics that are relative to the local area. When they did their live show in New Orleans earlier in August, they focused on local stories and haunted attractions such as cemeteries, haunted buildings and bars.

There are a few live shows planned for this spooky month, this time with Graveyard Tales, Macabre Melts and EVP Medium in Nashville. Jerry and Tracey thought it would be fun to do a live show with the boys from Graveyard Tales and they are pretty close by too. Macabre Melts is a candle making business that has worked with the Paulleys before as well as EVP Mediums who do not have a podcast but are paranormal experts. This should make an interesting and extra spooky show. They are also doing another live show with Brohio again and Twisted Philly in Cincinnati. The boys from Brohio approached the Paulleys and they all agreed it would be a fun thing to do especially since it’s so close to Halloween. Jerry and Tracey love doing live shows. They love meeting fans, working and supporting with other podcasters. The live shows are a lot more fun as there is more back and forth between Jerry and Tracey, the listeners and other podcasters. Their personality really shines through and the atmosphere of a live event just makes everything so much more fun. They dislike nothing about travelling for the live shows, the whole experience is so much fun and awesome for them.

Tracey, Justin, Jerry, The Delicious Nickalicious & Rob Dawg

So that’s a little bit of behind the scenes of the live shows and all the effort and work that gets put into it. If you would like to attend one of the live shows tickets are available on the website here Y’all come back now for more HHS behind the scenes!!

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