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Tim Mullins Interview

Howdy and welcome to this weeks blog!! Today we have a chat to the one, the only Tim Mullins!!!!! Tim is a fellow admin of the HHS group, the official HHS Sound Guy and writer, producer, editor of Hillbilly Horror House. AND he plays David!! It’s incredible what Tim does for us in his spare time. Despite having a family and a hectic work load, he somehow manages to get all this done plus more. I absolutely love Tim, he’s fiercely loyal, understanding and someone who really would do anything for his family and friends! So get comfy and get ready to meet the guy who makes the magic happen!!

What’s your day job?

I am a field tech for a company Named Burroughs. I go around and fix was the no so bright people fix. LOL I work on ATM's at backs. They break em, I fix em. I also install and work on safes for many many companies. On top of that, I also work on the massive cash recyclers for Walmart. Those are what most people will never see but trust me, it's there.

Where are you based?

My wife and I own a place in East Texas. A little tint town names Waskom, TX, just about 18 miles west of Shreveport, LA. We lived there for 20 years. Then one day, we decided to give the house and land to my son and his family and move to Dallas / Fort Worth. We were there for about 2 years and just didn't like it. So here I am now in Hot Springs, AR. Now all this is with the same company I work with now.

How long have you been listening to HHS?

I first heard about HHS when I heard Jerry on Jim Harold's Camp Fire. So, I went over, subscribed and listened for a few shows and deleted it. I thought it was bad and dull LOL Sorry, Jerry. Then I think I heard Jerry on there again and decided to give it another try. This time Tracy was on the show. She had me rolling and I was hooked ever since. So, to answer your question, I think it's been a year and half now I think. Not too sure. I'm old. I forget things.

How did you hear about HHS?

As I stated above, I heard Jerry on Jim Harold's Campfire talking about the bikers and his mom. So glad I heard that story.

Do you believe in aliens?

That's a 100% hell yea. We have all heard it before. Billions and billions of stars with trillions of planets. It will be pretty egotistical to think we are the only life....ever. My dad's a preacher and we have had this conversation many times. He's like, God created man. It says nothing about other worlds. In my smart ass way, I tell him yea but who's to say he made man and said, “ Crap. I can do better” and to spare us and our fragile feelings, he just never told us? That's usually when he laughs and tells me to enjoy my eternal BBQ.

How did you come up with the ideas in HHH like the haunted house etc?

Now see, that's a tricky question. Some of ya may not believe me when I say this. Aliens...Aliens give me the ideas. Just kidding. But this may make some people say, “that's not how it's done”. When I write the scripts for HHH, I have a basic idea of where I want the story to go. But it never happens. When I start writing, the story writes itself. Honest! Things I want to do, don't happen. Characters that are meant to be in one part of a chapter end up over lapping in several chapters. I'm not writing HHH. HHH is. Season 2 is no different. It was supposed to go slow and feed off and drag out from Season 1. Nope. HHH said, that's not what I want and honestly and literally went in a whole different direction that I had no plans for it to go. Not even my notes had anything heading that direction. So, I am just surprised where the story goes as the listeners are.

Do you believe in ghosts?

With no doubt! I have lived with ghosts since I was about 9 I think. I know exactly when it started. We live in Crystal Lake, IL. We had moved in to huge 3 floor house. Every single room had these storage places behind the walls. They went the whole length of the walls. Some connected and some didn't. As a 9 year, that was scary as hell. The basement had this large metal room in it. My dad said it was an old freezer for storing fish. (it was a pretty old house). To this day, I still think that house was a funeral home and that freezer was where they kept the bodies. That house always gave me the creeps. But any way, we were in that house a few months and I was looking out the living room window when it just shattered. I hadn't touched it and nothing hit it. It just shattered. From that point on, myself and both my brothers would hear walking up and down the hall ways and behind our walls. From that time going forward, every single house I moved in to had activity. I could write a book with all my experiences over the last 35 some odd years

Do you believe in Big Foot?

I'm going to be honest here. I'm really not sure if I believe in Big Foot. Yea I know. I just said I believe in aliens and ghosts. So why is Big Foot any different? The aliens told me. LOL No seriously, it's the lack of evidence. I know there's a few videos and pictures but for me, not enough to make me think he's out there. But again, the logic part of my brain says, there's a chance. We find new creatures and ones we thought were got forever all the time. So, I can't say yes or no with certainty.

Have you always had an interest in the audio drama style podcast?

YES! My very first Podcast I ever listen to was an Audio Drama Podcast called We're Alive! It's about the zombie end times but it was way more than that. I was amazed with the podcast. I then went over and started listen to others like Leviathan, Worm Wood, End of Days etc. I slowly started branching out to the paranormal stuff and wham we are

What’s your favourite part about HHS?

My favourite part of HHH? Hmmm...You want me to narrow down to just one thing? I can't. The stories are great. The way they are told is great. The conversations between Jerry and Tracy are funny. Well, I guess that would be answer. My favourite part is the parts that me laugh and there are a lot of them. But we can't forget the parts where I actually out loud say “Oh crap! Tracy did not just say!” “Did Jerry really just say that?” I like to laugh. Most people don't laugh enough.

What inspired you to start writing HHH?

I don't know. You know my mind is constantly going. Always thinking. How many times have I jumped on the Admins group chat and say, “so guys, I was thinking? I have this idea....” lol HHH was no different. I was sitting in my work truck listening to Small Town Horror (another audio drama Podcast) and thought, I wonder if Jerry would let me do one of these. I had never done one before and the first parts of HHH shows that. I admit it. I don't have so much pride that I don't know it wasn't that first. Sorry, I'm ranting again. So, I got hold of Jerry and just asked him. He was like, “yea. We can do that” and HHH was born.

What got you interested in the paranormal?

Living in haunted houses just about my whole life was a big factor in getting me interested. Then my dad let me watch my first horror flick. (Don't Be Afraid of the Dark) It scared the crap out of me. Then a few years later, I went and watched the first Nightmare On Elm Street. That was the beginning of my die-hard love of horror movies. You can't love horror movies with our falling in to the paranormal world. As I got older and I was able to think for myself, I started to wonder about ghosts and hauntings. It's been my world ever since.

Does pineapple belong on pizza?

WITH OUT A DOUBT! Pineapple with extra pepperoni. There's just something about the sweetness mixed in with the spice of the pepperoni. I love it! My wife thinks it's nasty which is ok with me. Just means I get my own pizza.

Your personal story:

I'm not sure what’s left to tell. I'm 47 years old. I have been married to my bride for 21 years. We have two kids. They are my step-children but if you were to tell them I wasn't there dad, you would prob get a good beating. My son is 29 and has the most beautiful Daughter with the most adorable tight curls. My daughter is 30. She's a member of the HHS group. She has two awesome boys who I play Fortnite with quite a bit. My bride and I are heavily in to motorcycles and our family. Family is everything to us. Not much more to say. But I will take this time to mention something.

SO that’s our Sound Guy Tim! As you can see, he’s so hard working and dedicated not just to his family, friends and work but also to the HHS team and family. I think one of my favourite moments with Tim is how he taught me to set up my mic and record for HHH. This involves taking my mic, putting a sock over it and then recording in my cupboard. A high-profile podcaster (Jim Harold <3) asked me to record a small bit for him and then complimented me on the quality of my sound. He then asked how I recorded and that he may ask others to do it that way. I had to send him a photo of my sock over the mic and told him that we are a proper Hillbilly production. Tim and I had a good laugh!! And hey his methods work!! Hillbilly Horror House is in the middle of editing season 2 so that will be out very soon and season 3 has been written up by Tim, so there are heaps of exciting times ahead!!Stay in tune for next week’s edition!! Y’all come back now hear!!

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