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The Big Easy


In light of Tracy and Jerry touring New Orleans this weekend, this weeks blog covers some of the many creepy attractions in The Big Easy!!

St Louis Cemetery

This is New Orleans most well known cemetery going back to 1789 when it replaced the previous cemetery which was burnt down in a fire. This is the site where Voo Doo Queen Marie Laveau is buried and it is said her spirit has been spotted there multiple times. There are other ghosts there such as that of the sailor Henry Vignes. With his tall stature and stunning blue eyes, he seems to appear so real that people have attempted to talk to him thinking he is one of the living. There is also the ghost of Alphonse, who's soul appears to be lost and gathering flowers off graves and asking visitors to take him to his home. Bless his soul.

New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

In 1823 Louis Dufilho became America's first licence pharmacist, he lived there with his wife and family till his death in 1855. Legend has it, he would conduct awful experiments on pregnant slaves, torture them and would practice Hoo Doo,. It is said the souls of pregnant women can still be seen there along with Dufilho's ghost him self.

LaLaurie Mansion

If you have heard HHS Episode 56 you will know all about how this wicked lady would torture her help and all the other horrible things she did. It is said her mansion is haunted. Jerry and Tracy covered it really well and it would be well worth listening to.

Pirates Alley

This ally was originally a passage between Chartres and Royal Streets alongside St. Louis Cathedral. Although it is now a shopping hub, there are a range of old and haunted buildings along the alley including. St. Louis Cathedral, Old Parish Prison, where pirate Pierre Lafitte was imprisoned and the Faulkner House of Books.

Pirates Alley

Lafittes Blacksmith Shop

This bar is where Tracy and Jerry will be meeting up with everyone on the weekend for a few drinks and it's well chosen. This is one of the oldest and most haunted buildings in New Orleans. This building was once owned by Jean Lafittes, an infamous pirate who called New Orleans home in the early 1800's smuggling goods over the high seas with his brother Pierre Lafitte. He helped Louisiana against The British in The War of 1812. This, along with many other brave acts lead the President to pardon him for piracy. Many have witnessed his full body apparition, standing in dark corners, saying nothing and disappearing before their eyes. He is mostly seen in the Blacksmith Shop and near the fireplace. There is another female ghost who haunts the second floor. It is believed she took her life there. She hardly appears and when she does, she enjoys having a conversation. There is also an entity which has red eyes attached to nothing.

Lafittes Blacksmith Shop

So if you're going to be in New Orleans this weekend for the HHS show and have a spare moment, or going to the area, check out these creepy and many other haunted places in New Orleans. Y'all come back now hear!!

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