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HHS Classics - Ghosts

Ghosts Howdy y’all!! This week’s HHS Classics will get extra spooky and cover ghosts!! What are they, why is humanity so fascinated by them and are they real? So what is a ghost exactly? Generally a Ghost is the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal that appears to living people. They can be either transparent or full bodied. Sometimes they speak to people and sometimes they are silent. There are theories that ghosts are beings from as alternate reality or universe that vibrate at a different frequency. Others suggest they could be a time lapse, as there are theories which suggest time isn’t liner and is one loop so everything is happening all at once and ghosts are kind of like a "glitch in the matrix”. Others believe there are no such things as ghosts and what people are experiencing are really demons that have learnt all about the deceased person and are using the individuals connection with the person to lure people into their bidding. This theory is mostly been advocated by The Warrens.

There seems to be no specific time a person can see a ghost. Generally it’s believed they are seen at night. Ghosts have been reported to be seen around the time of death or on anniversaries of their death. A ghost can inhibit any location really. They have been reported to be seen in homes, schools, hospitals, woods, graveyards, playgrounds, hills and at sea where there are full ghost ships. Ghosts are mostly reported to be seen around places where there has been death or places where there has been sadness, trauma and suffering such as mental asylums, hospitals, abortion clinics, prisons, burial grounds, battlefields.

People from all countries, backgrounds and beliefs see ghosts. Jim Harold Campfire is a podcast that’s been running for about a decade and he has received calls from all over the world about their paranormal experiences, including ghosts. There even have been accounts of people who do not believe in ghosts seeing apparitions that might be explained away as a ghost. It really goes to show that not one specific demographic is more inclined to experience a “ghost” encounter.

There are different ways a person can seek out a ghost experience if they wanted to see one. Many places that have a reputation of hauntings offer ghost tours, where people can explore a building or area in hopes of seeing, hearing or being touched by something. Some people can try to contact them through ouija boards and seances.

So why is humanity fascinated with ghosts? The belief of souls goes back over 3 million years ago in the Palaeolithic Age to the concept of Animism, where everything has a soul, like rocks, rivers etc. Some people believe in ghosts as ancestors looking after them and watching over them by contacting them and helping them out. Some people may believe in ghosts as a way of dealing with death. they want to believe there’s something happening in the after life after death. The religious concept an after life, which is linked to the ever immortal soul. Abrahamic religions state that a persons soul will go to Heaven or Hell depending their actions in this life and how well they followed their religion.

People for eternity have been fascinated with death because really, no one knows what happens after death and there is a sense of fear and fascination and a longing to explain it and in turn explain life and our purpose here. Y’all stay safe and come back now hear!!

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