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Graveyard Tales Interview

Howdy!! I am so excited about the upcoming live show with Graveyard Tales in Nashville I thought what better way to help cope with the excitement than having a chat to the Graveyard Tales boys!!

Graveyard Tales is a funny, quirky podcast which gives you the same vibe as sitting around with a couple of friends and sharing stories about the spooky, unnatural and cryptids. I first discovered this podcast when I had finished all the HHS main show feed and all the patreon episodes. I wanted to find a new podcast that I might enjoy almost as much as I enjoy HHS and stumbled on to this podcast. At first listen I knew I loved Matt and Adam because of their awesome Southern accents, how they laugh their heads off at random things and complaining about the traffic. Graveyard Tales was the podcast I "cheated" on HHS with, the accents, the humour, the creepiness!! Soon I found my self joining their group, where both Adam and Matt are so approachable and really value their listener input and share funny posts!! They both (Adam in particular) have a passion for cryptids and even did a whole month of episodes on lake monsters!! And my favourite episode of all time, Chupacabra!! I was so happy when I found out Jerry and Tracey were friends and supporters of Graveyard Tales, it's like two of my favourite things came together and I for one, was a very happy girl!!

So how did the boys get into podcasting and was Graveyard tales born? Here's a little Q&A with the boys to get to know them better.

What do you boys do for day job?

Adam: I build guitars for a major guitar company (FYI I'm very jealous of Adam's job!!)

Matt: I am a physical therapist

When did you become interested in the paranormal?

Adam: I’ve been interested in the paranormal and cryptozoology since I was a young kid.

Matt: I was about 11 or 12, and I found this show about real haunted houses around the world. As strange things were common in the house I grew up in, I was hooked.

What attracts you to the paranormal?

Adam: I think the prospect of learning something new about life/physics/the world is one of my main attractions to the paranormal.

Matt: The idea that we as humans fully understand the universe baffles me. I love the idea that there are things that we don’t understand, and maybe we aren’t meant to.

Have you ever experienced anything paranormal or unusual?

Adam: I’ve had a few experiences that I can’t explain easily. But compared to most, I don’t have many personal experiences that are that interesting to many besides myself.

Matt: Hearing footsteps, objects being moved, voices, and the like were common when I was growing up. I lived in a house about 10 years ago that was already occupied. You would see a tall man in a suit walk down the hall into the end bedroom, and you would experience electronics turning on and off, even without batteries.

Adam one of the hosts

What's your favourite cryptid?

Adam: This is a difficult question because I’m such a fan of cryptozoology that they all hold some fascination to me. But I think Sasquatch (and all the other incarnations of a large unknown hominid) is the one that intrigues me the most.

Matt: Bigfoot has been my favorite as well, along with his colder cousin the Yeti.

What aspect of the paranormal do you completely not believe in?

Adam: I don’t think that there’s anything that I will 100% write off without evidence. Because as Neil Tyson says “The universe is under no obligation to make sense to you”

Matt: I think there are things I’m more skeptical of, but nothing I dismiss completely. Except for flat earth. I can honestly say I don’t believe in that Ha!

What's your favourite podcast?

Adam: I honestly couldn’t say. That’s a difficult question….

Matt: My tastes are all over the map. I listen to HHS, Astonishing Legends, and Mysterious Universe. I’m also a fan of King Falls A.M. Currently I’m listening to the second season of Up and Vanished, but will catch Mike Rowe and Trailer Park Boys by the end of the week, too.

What inspired you to start a podcast?

Adam: Matt and I would always discuss the paranormal and Forteana and one day the conversation came up about starting a podcast and it just kind of bloomed from there.

Matt: Amanda and I were on a road trip listening to podcasts and I said, “I could do this”. We had Adam over at the house and she mentioned that conversation. By the end of the night, we had a list of topics and a name for the show.

Matt one of the hosts

How did you hear of HHS?

Adam: I’m not 100% sure how I first heard about HHS honestly…. Probably Twitter.

Matt: Adam was the one that turned me on to HHS. It was just a month or two after we started.

Tell us how you guys became friends and collaborators with Jerry & Tracy?

Adam: Well we started talking on Social media out of a mutual respect and it just grew from there. They’re great people and accepted us when we were a really new show. I’m glad we can call them friends.

Matt: This was all Adam. I’m not a big social media guy. But it’s been great getting to know Jerry and Tracy.

What's your favourite thing about live events and what's you're least favourite?

Adam: Getting to meet the people we interact with on social media and getting to put faces to names Least favorite – probably leaving the house Ha! I’m kind of a hermit so podcasting is the perfect forum for me Haha! (I can't just imagine Adam's roaring, infectious laugh here)

Matt: I’m with Adam, other than I get out of house way more. Seeing folks that have supported our show is great! The worst part is finding a location that works.

So that's a little bit of background on the boys!! Graveyard Tales is definitely an informative, funny podcast with the right amount of creepy. They're always saying something that makes me laugh and rewind it just to listen again and have another laugh!! And they have episodes which I refuse to listen to as it scares me too much. I strongly recommend giving them a listen and seeing them live in Nashville with HHS on October 20!! Y'all come back now!!

Graveyard Tales Boys

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