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And welcome to the first ever Hillbilly Horror Stories blog post!! Thank you for joining us, Lord willing and the Creeks don't rise we'll be posting here weekly. And where better to start off than the at beginning and how HHS came about.

The history of HHS goes back about 7 years ago when Jerry and Tracy discovered podcasts. They used to listen to a sports radio show, which would publish their backlog as a podcast. Jerry originally listened to the podcast to catch up on any episodes of the radio show he may have missed and then discovered there was a lot more to podcasting and a huge range of genres and shows was available. Some of the first shows Jerry listened to were Lore, SCARED? and Real Ghost Stories Online

Jerry, who comes from a stand up comedy background was looking for another creative outlet. He enjoyed sharing ghost stories with a good friend Ricky and felt this was something they could bring to the world with their own flare. Coming from the South, which is rich in tradition and history they decided to go add a dash of hillbilly to it with a good pinch of comedy and on the 21st of August 2016 the first episode of Hillbilly Horror Stories was released!!

The original HHS logo designed by Jerry

The structure of the show is fluid and changes to find a happy medium that will suit all their listeners. However there was a notable change in episode 12. Ricky fell ill and wasn't able to do the show that day so Tracy volunteered to fill in his position. She had wanted to be a part of the show from the beginning and had even filled in for Ricky previously in episode 9 however Jerry wasn't sure because although Tracy does have an interest in the paranormal, her knowledge isn't as extensive as Jerry or Ricky's. She sat in for Ricky and he felt that she added something special to the show and the two of them had a dynamic and chemistry that was really special. Ricky suggested Tracy do the show from then on in, as not only did he love what she bought to the how, the podcast was really taking off and he had other things in his life that needed his attention. It's said Ricky has 5 children so we can say he's a busy man ;) Tracy quickly became the heart of the show.

And that's how the show came to being what it is today, ever changing, developing and keeping their listeners as top priority! Tune in for next week's instalment. Y'all come back now, hear!

The current HHS logo

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