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Barely Functioning But Cute As Hell

I thought for a the next few blogs, it would be fun to do make up tutorials. If you’re in the group, you would have seen the poll where we voted on the different looks to create. This week we are doing the Barely Functional But Cute As Hell look which I use all the time, especially when I have to go to work and look alive.

We'll start off with my face washed, and primed.

Me with no make up, dark circles and primer

So I always need to colour correct my Sea Hag dark circles. This is where the magic is and it makes me look alive. Tip: if you have purple or brown bruising use orange or peach corrector, if you have pink use green and if you have green bruising use purple to correct your skin tone.

So this is me after I've corrected, you can see the dark cirles around my eyes have pretty much disappeared

I've filled in my brows and then gone to conceal. I have a bit of dry skin and couple of dots on my face I just wanted covered up

I then put on a natural eyeshadow, Something glittery to bring in light

I then contour the hollows of my face, so my cheek bones, hair line. Basically define my skull

I then highlight the parts of my face that catch the light, so cheek bones, T Zone

And I finished it off with some blush and fixed my hair

And that's all And that’s all I do to cover up me being tired, hung over, sick or just a real quick face fix when I need to look presentable. Hope you all enjoyed that and tune in next time for another make up tutorial!! Y’all come back now hear!!

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